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Blue Ocean Shift
Beyond Competing | Towards Creating

Blue Ocean Shift Master Class

International Certificate in Blue Ocean Strategy

Proven Steps to inspire confidence and seize new growth

  • Learn Key Concepts in Making a Blue Ocean Shift
  • Learn Key Tools of Blue Ocean Shift
  • Create a Blue Ocean Shift in Mindset
  • Interact with the Blue Ocean Strategy practitioners
  • Validate your product, project or company with Blue ocean experts
  • Network with C-Level Executives, Senior Executive and Directors
  • Practice with the strategic tools to create a blue ocean shift
  • Learning System Access on Innovation and Strategy
  • Blue Ocean Case Studies from diverse industries and government sectors

UCSI Consulting Group

One Day Master Class

08 May, 2018

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai


Mobilize your Team
Understand your Industry

Understand where you are Now


Understand Painpoints
Look for Non Customers

Imagine Where you could be


Six Paths to Reconstruct
New Business Model (ERRC)

Create your new strategic move

Program Agenda:

  • 9:00 am – 10:00 am Session 1: Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift
    Getting Started ( Choosing the right place to start and the right team)  Break Time
  • 10:15 am – 1:00 pm Session 2: Understand where you are nowUnderstanding the current strategic profile with the “As Is” Strategy Canvas (tool)
    Understanding customer pain points with the Buyer Utlity Map (tool) to create total customer experience  Lunch Break
  • 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Session 3: Imagine where you could beDiscovering new Potential customers with the Three Tiers of Noncustomers (tool)  Break Time
  • 3:45 pm – 5:00 pm Session 4: Find How to get there & Make Your MoveUsing the Six Paths Framework (selected paths) to explore and get insights/ideas with interesting case studies and illustrations
    Increasing buyer value and reducing cost by applying the Four Action Framework & ERRC Grid (tool)

“BOS takes you to another level of exploration and adventure for the business, mind and life. What comes out of that process is that the sky’s the only limit. The BOS team has been instrumental in facilitating this journey. Raj especially, guides, prompts, and pushes us bankers to delve into the breadth and depth of any possibility. The best part is that he maneuvers the team dynamics with humor and skill”

– Martini Abd Aziz, Head of Group Organizational Learning, Maybank

“Up until a few years ago, Samsung was a fast follower busy trying to catch up with the advanced technology and products. However, as the company has joined the ranks of world-class businesses, there is no one to follow. We needed to make a new market space and the way to do it is Value Innovation. Value Innovation is the most superior concept used to create management innovation at Samsung.”

– Mr. Ki Won Lee, Samsung’s VP of Innovation

“After BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY, you will never again see your competition in quite the same light. Kim and Mauborgne presented a compelling case for pursuing strategy with a creative, not combative, approach. Their emphasis on value innovation and stakeholder engagement alone make this book a must-read for both executives and students of business.”

– Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO, Renault & Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

“This is an extremely valuable concept. It examines the experiences of companies in areas as diverse as watches, wine, cement, computers, automobiles, and even the circus to shed new light on the development of future strategies.”

– Nicolas G. Hayek, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Swatch Group

“The most valuable gain from the BOS workshop was the willingness of the team to push the boundaries within such a regulated industry. I personally think the tools used were a powerful resource to systematically guide the team in exploring uncharted territories and come out with exciting innovative initiatives”

– Christine Chong, Head of Strategic Marketing, MSD Malaysia

“I recommend BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY to any executive in the private or public sector. It shows how to break from the status quo, create a winning future strategy, and execute this fast at low cost. As much a practical guide as an eye-opener.”

– J. Bratton, Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, former Police Commissioner of the City of New York

“Kim and Mauborgne’s strategies are not only original but practical. Our company has used them and obtained powerful results. The authors chart a bold new path to winning the future”

– Patrick Snowball, Chief Executive, Norwich Union Insurance

“Being the Innovation Manager, I have reviewed many different tools and frameworks, however Blue Ocean Strategy examines the entire value chain and integrates the business strategy – loved the 6 paths!”

– Michael Searle, Senior Manager Innovation, a Leading Australian Bank

“We’re a start up business and this was perfect training for us. I have already started applying Blue Ocean. I will be sending my business partner along so we can start working on it together ASAP”

– Troy Douglas, Director, Nexba Beverages

What you will Learn

In BLUE OCEAN SHIFT you’ll learn:

  • WHY focusing on competing misses huge growth opportunities and HOW to expand your thinking on strategy beyond competing
  • WHY thinking creative destruction and disruption as sources of innovation is limiting and HOW you can grow through nondisruptive creation
  • HOW anyone in any organization can move from red to blue oceans with BLUE OCEAN SHIFT’s systematic five-step process—not just entrepreneurs
  • WHY people’s confidence is essential to create and execute your growth strategy and HOW to build it
  • WHY you should not build your growth strategy based on existing environmental and industry conditions and HOW you can shape them in your favor for growth

The one day workshop will help in:

  • Understanding how to create a unique and strong USP and further helps in coming out of declining price points and market share battles.
  • Realizing the investments made towards talent and technology research by translating them into successful projects and commercial opportunities
  • Launching commercially viable projects, products and programs in competitive market and entering newer demographics and further dominating the market.
  • Enhancing the quality of organizational members’ strategic thinking and action in a setting that encourages leading-edge learning on how to make the competition irrelevant in your industry setting
  • Testing the commercial viability of ideas and showing how to refine your ideas to maximize your upside while minimizing the downside risk through systematic tools and frameworks
  • Enhance the leadership skills of senior management and empowers them to take on global competition, change management, organization crisis and innovation.

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