Program Overview

Successful executive make profitable decisions based on expertise, insights and facts rather than on intuition. Join an MBA program which teaches you on how to master the art of management through a strongly linked business world studies involving study plans responsive to market exigencies, obligatory internships in public and private institutions, as well as research programs in collaboration with large regional, national and multinational companies

The MBA (Master in Business Administration) Program with Exeed School of Business and Finance is a one year comprehensive program involving two different qualifications, Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management from Cambridge International Qualifications, UK and a Master in Business Administration from UCAM, Murcia, Spain.

The student enrolling with one year MBA program at Exeed School of Business will take core modules on Strategic Change Management, Strategic Management and Leadership, Management Accounting and Finance, Operations Management, People and Organization in Context and Marketing Practices in the Global Context. All the students will also take an additional module on Socio-Economic and Legal environment. To attain a Master in Business Administration, the student need to submit a thesis work in the area of interest

UCAM - CIQ Dual Certification Program

The dual certification MBA Program at ESBF will be facilitated by renowned faculty with decades of experience in the domain. During the program, the students will be exposed to industry specific case studies, business simulations and extempore. All the students enroll for MBA program will have access to the library of Exeed School of Business and Finance, Ebrary access with 1000s of journals and books, regular industry leader visits and career fairs

During the program the student can join sports club, entrepreneurship club and professional development club. As a part of the program, the students will visit innovation centers, large organizations, accelerators and promising start ups across the UAE region. The student also has an option of attending an in company career fair with participation from UAE's best companies. Post completion of the program, the student has an option of attending the university convocation in the campus of UCAM, Murcia, Spain.

About UCAM

UCAM is a university with excellence based out of Murcia, Spain. Started in the year 1995, UCAM has an active student base of 17,0000 learners and has an academic staff of more than 1000. The MBA program at UCAM, Murcia, Spain is accredited by ANECA and UCAM is a member of ENQA, Universia and EUA. UCAM has a strategic partnership networks of more than 280 universities including Stanford, National University of Singapore and National Technological University. UCAM has a corporate strategic partnership with industry leaders including Coca Cola, Microsoft, Soft and SAP. Consider as university of sports, UCAM has more than 20 Olympiads as its alumni.

About CIQ

Cambridge International Qualifications is an international awarding body based out the United Kingdom. CIQ awards professionals across the world on management and technology and has a progression partnership with prominent universities across the world. CIQ is a member of European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and the programs of CIQ are endorsed by TQUK and NCFE. CIQ is also a corporate learning partner of more than 100 organizations across the world.

Program Outline, Delivery and Admission

Program Outline - CIQ, PGDBA
All the learners who enroll for UCAM-ESBF Program will attain seven months course ware on core six modules.
Core Modules
Strategic Change Management
Strategic Management and Leadership
Management Accounting and Finance
Operations Management
People and Organization in Context
Marketing Practices in the Global Context
Award: Successful learners will be awarded with Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
Program Outline - UCAM, MBA
All the learners who enroll for UCAM-ESBF Program will attain five months course ware on a mandatory module and thesis work.
Mandatory Module
Socio - Economic and Legal Environment
End of Master Work
Project Work and Thesis
Award: Successful learners will be awarded with Master in Business Administration from UCAM, Murcia, Spain.
Award: Successful learners will also be awarded with a letter of concentration in the area of interest from UCAM, Murcia, Spain
Deliver - Classroom/Online
The program will be deliver at Exeed School of Business and Finane campus in Sharjah or at the campus extension in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. The program can also be attained through state of the art learning learning system.
Admission and Requirements
The program is open for interested learners with a bachelor degree from recognized university. The business school will accept applications in three windows
Admission Requirements:
Bachelors degree from recognized university
Proficiency in English
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About ESBF:

Exeed School of Business and Finance, a UK based world class education management provider offers top rated MBA Programs and professional certification courses through its extensive presence in UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, India and South Africa. 500+ Students, 300+ Global Students, 10+ Courses, 25+ Nationalities, 10+ Academic Partners, 5 Years in the Market.

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