• PMP

    Project Management

    22 Sept 2017

  • SCMP

    Supply Chain
    Management Practitioner

    23 Sept 2017


    Strategic Human Resource
    Management Practitioner

    24 Sept 2017

  • CITF

    Certificate in International
    Trade & Finance

    October 2017

  • CertPay

    Certificate in
    Principles of Payments

    October 2017

  • CertRM

    Certificate in Customer
    Relationship Management

    November 2017

  • CDCS

    Certificate for Documentary
    Credit Specialist

    November 2017

  • CSDG

    Certificate for Specialist
    in Demand Guarantees

    December 2017

Our Team

Firoz Babu Thairinil

Founder and CEO of Westford Education Group

A visionary and a career banker, Firoz along with his likeminded partners laid the foundation of Westford Education Group the parent group of Exeed School of Business and Finance in the year 2009 with a vision of bringing in high quality and pragmatic education in Middle East region. Since its establishment, Firoz has positioned Westford Education Group as a leader in the education sector in the region . Firoz along with his team expanded westford’s foray into higher education, undergraduate studies, executive education, chartered certifications, online education, distance education, sports management and school consulting. A passionate golfer, Firoz spends his weekend playing golf with his friends.

Samras Mayimi

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Westford Education Group


An edu-preneur and a career banker, Samras is leading the vision of establishing Exeed as a one stop destination for executive education and corporate training. One of the most connected marketers in the region, he is currently forging relationships with global education bodies and guiding his team on business development and programme management. When he is not building businesses he keeps himself busy with playing badminton, trying different foods and travelling different countries.

Prof. Col (Rtd.) Anil Ahluwalia

Academic Director, Westford Education Group

An army veteran and a distinguish trainer, Anil is guiding the team of Exeed on program designing, program delivery and consulting. He brings in the knowledge, domain expertise and discipline of his 25 years of career as a colonel with army and a cultural attaché with different countries on the table. A passionate teacher, Anil also shoulders the responsibility of Director of Academics with Westford School of Management and a faculty for topics on Human Resources and Business Management. When he is not teaching or mentoring, Anil plays golf and a wide range of sports.

Dr. William Painter (PhD)

Dean, Westford Education Group

Dr. William Painter is a veteran educationist and dean of Westford Education Group. Dr. William did extensive research in the area of Medieval History, Renaissance History, Online Education, Business Management, and Supply Chain and Logistics. For his work on 15th Century school and the transmission of Humanism through pre-university education in Northern Europe, he was awarded PhD from University of Missouri – Colombia. Dr. Painter has been active in international private and public post-secondary and higher education since 1988. He was responsible for creating and administering Europe’s first online MBA program under the High Business School Groupe Ecole Superieure de Commerce, Pau, France. Dr. Painter understands practical education for working adults and is fully versed in UK, French, and US higher education pathways. He is primarily dedicated to student enhancement and providing access to higher education for those who cannot take up traditional progression routes.

Dr. Vivek Mohan

Faculty in Management and Corporate Trainer

Dr. Vivek is a full-time trainer and consultant associated with Exeed School of Business and Finance. A certified member of British Academy of Management and a winner of Medici Enterprise Training Programme award, Vivek is committed to increasing People Performance, creating better working relationships and developing leaders and managers. A doctorate in Human Resource Management and Organisation Behaviour, Dr Vivek trained the professionals from Enterprise and Innovation Academy, UK, Faculty of Business and Law School, Leeds Business School, UK, Arts Council, UK, United Forum of Human Resource Development, UK, Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman and MCC India Ltd, India to name a few.

Faisal Faruqui

Manager, Corporate Relationships


An engineer turned marketeer, Faisal is responsible for managing corporate relationships, open enrollment programs, simulation workshops and certification programs. Faisal is also responsible for managing Exeed’s digital assets including website, web promotions, press releases, trainer’s collaboration and managing the operations aspects of tendering. When he is not busy promoting and marketing wide range of Exeed and its portfolio of certifications, workshops and open enrollments, he plays cricket or hangs out with friends.

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